7 tips for fitting a back pack

Attention: school kids, uni students and commuters, this one is for you!

I know it sounds simple, wearing a back pack. It’s something we have all done before but have you ever stopped for a second to think whether you (and your children) are wearing your back packs correctly. With school well and truely back and uni back at the end of the month NOW is the time to think about it!

The correct fit of a backpack will help prevent straining growing joints and muscles and keep your child active! For those kids who are still growing, you will need to check the fit of their back pack before each school year.

Here are our 7 tips:

1. One size does not fit all!

  • It should rest evenly between the shoulder blades
  • It should not extend below the belt for than a couple of inches

2. A back pack should weigh no more than 15-20% of your body weight

3. Use all the straps and keep them tight

    • The straps should ensure the backpack fits snugly to the back but is still easy to take on and off
    • The two shoulder straps ensure the weight is better distributed and aligns best with our body’s posture
    • The chest and pelvis straps transfer some of the weight to the shoulders and pelvis

4. Load the heaviest items closest to your back

5. Use the compartments within the bag to distribute the weight

6. Arrange books and materials securely so they aren’t bouncing around with movement

7. Pack only necessary items that you will need for the that day

If you believe a backpack is causing pain or injury to yourself or your children, bring it with you to your next appointment and we can do a quick assessment and make some suggestions!