Exercise & Rehabilitation Prescription

Osteopaths will utilise exercise and rehabilitation as part of our treatment plan to increase strength and movement variability for our clients. So much of what we do as osteopaths occurs within the confines of the treatment room. However, we know that for the best results our treatment plan usually requires us to include movement and strengthening to be implemented throughout the daily activities of our clients lives. After all, movement is medicine.

Increasing strength

Many injuries do not improve without strengthening the area, a common example of this is tendons. We also know that without the strength to support our body, that an injury is more likely to reoccur.

Movement variability

Many of our clients spend the majority of their day-to-day life using the same few movement patterns. Think about your life - do you spend a lot of your day with the same limited range of movement? Sitting or standing for hours on end? Do you go for a walk or maybe you head to the gym? All movement is great for our body but we often repeat the same movement patterns again and again and are not utilising our body’s full available range of motion.

As osteopaths, we know that many injuries occur in the ranges that we are not frequently using. Sure there are big traumatic injuries such as on the sporting field that may not have been preventable, we can help you with those as well. But we’ve all heard of someone hurting themselves by doing mundane and seemingly “easy” activities, such as putting on a shoe or reaching to a high shelf. These are movements that our body should be able to do without injury but it’s a common story we hear; this is because of a decreased movement variability.

To combat this, our osteopaths will prescribe exercises that will encourage your body to utilise its full range of motion in a controlled movement pattern. This may help reduce your presenting symptoms and also aims to prevent (or at least minimise) future flare ups.

How will exercise and rehabilitation be implemented in the treatment plan?

Your osteopath will demonstrate this exercises to you and have you show them back to us so that we can ensure you are doing them correctly and that they will be safe and effective for you. We can then provide the exercise plan to you in any format that will work for you. Sometimes we film the exercises on your phone for you so that you have them within easy access, other times we will send a link to an online platform with video’s and descriptions of the exercises. Or we may go “old school” and write it on paper for you. No matter what, you will go home knowing what exercises are required and how best to do them to achieve the desired outcomes. If you need clarification between appointments you can always reach out to us at the clinic via email.

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