Mastitis and Breast Care Appointments

Our breast care appointments are offered by our female osteopaths on our team so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your appointments in this sensitive area.

Cranbourne Osteopathy

Why we added breast care appointments to our services

This is a passionate area for our clinic owner Mirae who had experienced recurrent mastitis over her breast-feeding journey with her first born child. Determined to not have the same experience with her second child, Mirae educated herself about all things related to the lactating breast and the underlying pathophysiology of mastitis and taught everything she knew to her team who were then able to treat her throughout her second breastfeeding journey enabling it to be a much more enjoyable experience.

We have then expanded our knowledge to incorporate a similar approach towards other breast conditions such as to address scar tissue and discomfort following breast treatments and surgeries. This includes following surgeries such as a mastectomy which is another presentation that is close to our heart.

Cranbourne Osteopathy

Mastitis and ultrasound therapy

Our osteopaths are trained in treating mastitis and blocked ducts in a lactating breast. Our approach uses both ultrasound therapy and manual therapy techniques to help to reduce pain and symptoms associated with mastitis.

We know that many women present to our clinic requesting ultrasound therapy for their mastitis complaints within the first 24-48 hours of symptoms arising and this is the ideal treatment time frame to address the associated symptoms like pain and redness. We also know that our clients are then very appreciative of our education, advice and our approach towards preventing future bouts of mastitis. At Cranbourne Osteopathy we endeavour to relieve your symptoms first but also to address the underlying cause to minimise the risk of the same presenting symptoms arising again.

Manual therapy for the breast

Osteopaths are very holistic in our approach and we treat the whole body when addressing any complaints; this of course also applies to our breast care appointments. For any breast concerns we will address and treat the breast tissue itself and we will also focus on the rib cage and shoulders, the mid back, all surrounding joints, muscles, fascia and connective tissue, as well as any other contributing factors that might be arising from elsewhere in the body. The techniques used will involve a combination of massage, fluid drainage, joint articulation and manipulation and of course can be conducted as gently as needed. We understand how tender an inflamed and swollen breast can be!

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