Cranbourne Osteopathy is now offering Telehealth services!

Have you heard of Telehealth but are unsure what is is or when you should use it? Well this is the blog post for you!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that should help clarify things for you! If after reading this blog post you have any other questions, please post them below or contact us via social media or at the clinic to find out more information.

Wondering what your telehealth consult will look like.

What is Telehealth?
Telehealth is the term used for online consultations with your health professional. Usually this will be conducted as a video chat but sometimes this will be simply a phone call. In our clinic, we plan to always have these consults over a video chat using our practice management software, unless of course this is unavailable for some reason. There are a number of different health professionals that are currently offering this service in response to the Corona virus pandemic, including GP’s, psychologists, physiotherapists, and of course, osteopaths!

What will be included in the appointment?
Your Telehealth appointment will be conducted very similarly to your usual face-to-face appointment with your osteopath.

  • The session will start with a chat about your presenting complaint or injury
  • We will then assess you, similarly to how we do in the clinic, with some movements and testing
  • You will then have your diagnosis explained in detail to ensure you know what is going on in your body
  • If appropriate, we will talk you through some self-treatment strategies
  • This will then be followed up with any advice we would suggest for you, including exercises, things to do, things to avoid, if you need another Telehealth consult with us, if you need to be referred off to someone else or even for some imaging etc

Obviously, just like in the clinic, every injury and presenting complaint is a little bit different so each Telehealth appointment will be a little bit different too, depending on what is appropriate for your individual scenario.

But what about hands on treatment?
Obviously because these appointments would be conducted online, via a video chat, we are not able to do hands on treatment for you like we normally would if you were attending the clinic. However, this is not the end of the world!

Do you know how many times friends and family call us wanting free advice on their injuries?? Honestly a lot; even before this Corona Virus pandemic! We have gotten pretty good at talking people through self-treatment or exercises that can assist them if they cannot get to an appointment. We also sometimes have patients who can’t get in to the clinic to see us for a few days (or sometimes longer if they are away on holidays) and we can always offer advice to get them through that time until we can see them. We spent a very long time at uni learning LOTS of options for treating our clients, only one part of that is the hands on treatment we offer.

Who is suitable for Telehealth consults?
These appointment types are perfect for those who are currently isolating either due to mandatory isolation if they are experiencing symptoms of cover-19, or those who are in self-isolation due to being immunocompromised or in contact with someone who is at a higher risk of contracting the more serious cases of covid-19.

Is Telehealth funded by third party payers?
At the time of writing this blog, the following information about third party payers is accurate.

Telehealth is currently funded under:

  • DVA
  • WorkCover (with prior approval by your case representative)
  • TAC (with prior approval by your case representative)
  • Medicare care plans

Telehealth is not currently funded under:

  • Any private health insurance companies (if you would like it to be covered, we have been told that you will need to make some noise about it to your health fund so that they know the demand for it is there, remember they are a business and will provide services that they think their customers want. If they don’t know you want it they won’t provide it!

For those who are not funded under third party payers you can still. Use the Telehealth services, you will just be considered a privately paying client. If this is the case, we will give you the payment options at the time of your appointment.

What do I have to do when it’s time for my appointment?
When you book your appointment, you will be sent an email with a link to join the appointment with your osteopath. You will be sent this email again about 10am the day before your appointment (as long as it was booked by that time). We ask that you click this link at least five minutes before your appointment time to ensure you get a good connection and that you aren’t late to your appointment. When your osteopath is ready they will click a similar link from their end and you will be joined in a video chat. Please keep in mind that just like with appointments in the clinic, despite our best intentions, we can sometimes run late with our client before you. We will obviously do everything we can to avoid this but sometimes it is inevitable (like last month when some building works on the ground floor sent dust into the air which set off the fire alarm and we all had to evacuate, not ideal haha).

How do I book in?
You can either click here jump online and click the ‘book online now’ button or you can call the clinic on 8790 0136.

Still unsure if it’s right for you?
You can always email your osteopath directly and ask what they think.