What to expect at your first osteopathy appointment

Whether it’s your first time seeing an Osteopath or perhaps just the first time at Cranbourne Osteopathy, the following will help you understand what to expect at your first appointment with us.

Your appointment will include:

💙An introduction to your osteopath

🗣 A chat about your injury or complaint and general medical history

👂 A quick run through of our clinic policies, including consent, safety and cancellation policy

🤕 Assessment of your complaint

🤲🏻 Hands-on treatment, including massage, manipulation, stretching

🗣 An explanation about your diagnosis and prognosis

👍🏻 A discussion of your best plan moving forward

✍🏻 Advice that may help you

💪🏻A demonstration of exercises that may assist your recovery

❓A chance to ask questions or voice concerns

Close up of female osteopath doing shoulder blade therapy on young woman.

Some things to note:

❓ You are encouraged to ask questions throughout the appointment. We want you to understand what is happening within the appointment and also within your body so you are best equipped for your recovery and maintenance.

🦵 You may be asked to undress so that we can visualise the area that needs to be assessed and treated. If you have any concerns about this please chat to your osteopath.

More information can be found in our FAQ section by clicking here.